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+ 44%


+ 41%


- 40%


+ 49%


+ 44%


+ 41%


- 40%


+ 49%


We teach in 12 countries in the best universities

Performance Pyramid

Physiological Optimization
Routines and Objectives
Flow Techniques

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Flow Human Performance

6 sessions divided into 3 phases:

  • Body Physiological Maximization
  • Optimization of Routines and Objectives
  • Neurobiological Maximization and Flow Techniques


of Flow State

Flow is an optimal neuro-biological state where people perform at maximum capacity.

At Flow we achieve increases of up to 500% in productivity and performance.

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imagine if...

Maximização de Performance

You worked 40 hours, but produced for 60 hours.

+44% productivity represents this.

It's like working only 7 months of the year.

who we are

15 years of experience in 12 countries​

International Institute for Performance Maximization with a 15-year history in 12 countries.

Our mission is to transform human potential into extraordinary results.

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''... I had time to open a 2nd office (in another city) because of this program..."

Fábia Teixeira Architect

The Optness workshop was incredibly enlightening. This helped me broaden my understanding of how organizations can be optimized.

David Zuo Imperial College, MiM

''... It fixed my big problem with sleep in the 1st session..."

Henrique Hollanda Attorney

It definitely gave me all the necessary skills and toolsto face real-life challenges, and I'm sure it willgive me advantages in my future career. Thanks!!!

Ryan Dulmaa London Business School, MBA

''... This program has been a turning point in my life...''

Andrea Silveira Designer

As a doctor, I was hesitant if the option was right for me. But the instructor made so much effort to adapt the content to my background that I was able to learn effectively. Now I am confident that I will be able to apply the methodology to improve my patients' results.

Sofia Ribeiro, MD Yale & IE, MBA

''... I couldn't leave the office before 8pm, now I leave at 4pm..."

Érico Gonçalves Financial Advisor

After the Optness course, I feel more confident to face real business challenges and I look forward to practicing this methodology.

Lionel Shiwala Duke's Fuqua, MBA

''... I didn't have time (or energy) to play with my children... now I can play with them every day...'

Breno Bertazzoli Financial Advisor

The Optness course helped me improve my professional skills. I consider its completion a critical investment for my career.

Victoria Philippova Rice Jones, MBA

Thanks to the Optness course I can now make decisions and define strategies better than before.

It is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Davide Marotta SDA Bocconi, EMBA

Special Launch Offer

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Human Performance Flow

4x 250
  • 6 sessions: Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm
  • Physiological Maximization for High Performance
  • Prioritization to achieve high value-added objectives
  • Neurobiological optimization and flow access techniques
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Flow Performance Humana

USD 2999

USD 950
  • 6 sessions: Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm
  • Physiological Maximization for High Performance
  • Prioritization to achieve high value-added objectives
  • Neurobiological optimization and flow access techniques

Have questions?

Common questions

The amount can be paid in up to 4 interest-free installments.

Live sessions via zoom where participants will initially understand the science on which each technique is based and will then do exercises to practice them.

Participants will learn to master the main techniques (scientifically proven) to maximize energy, productivity and performance.

Yes, participants will receive an international certificate from Optness for participating in the workshop.

40 hours divided between classes with an instructor, group exercises and individual exercises.

Ideal for professionals who want to increase performance/productivity and quality of life.

International Institute for Performance Maximization with 15 years of experience in 12 countries.
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