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Why we are different:

Traditional Six Sigma

Ideal for:

Or in the departments of

Traditional Project:

Technical Problems ​

High use of Statistics, Knowledge Experts and Stat Software

Professionals working by Themselves

Optness' Six Sigma

Ideal for:

Or in the departments of

Optness Project:

Management/Business Issues

High use of: Team Coordination, Strategy and Business Acumen

Professionals working on projects in Teams

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Program Details


  • 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online
  • 1 year of access
  • Management focused
  • Methodology to attain goals and solve problems
  • Use of real case studies

Green Belt certification included

Program Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Define
  3. Measure | Factors Identification
  4. Measure | Factors Prioritization
  5. Basic Statistics & Graphs Review
  6. Recap of the Part
  7. Measure | Capability
  8. Analyze | Descriptive Analysis
  9. Analyze | Inference Analysis
  10. Improve | FMEA
  11. Improve | Management Tools
  12. Control
  13. Next Steps

Proven framework to expedite your career:

Tailored for MBAs

Integrated soft skills of Leadership and Management into Lean Six Sigma.


Leveraging MBA knowledge we save time by avoiding already known subjects.

Highly Subisdized

Sponsored to help MBAs & Execs to become better leaders for business and society.

Distilled from 10+ years of success with MBAs:

  • Proven International Quality (experience in 20+ countries)
  • Unique Management Approach of Lean Six Sigma
  • Partnership with Top MBA Schools

Participant Feedback:

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Usefulness in Professional Life

10+ years helping leaders to get Jobs & Promotions.

  • $697 (includes Training & Certification Process)
  • 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online, 1 year of access
  • Accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones

Green Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam
  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Membership to our private Alumni Network Group on LinkedIn

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are discounts for live courses at our partner universities. If you want to know more, please email online@optness.com.

You can cancel your enrollment within 14 days after your course purchase, if the course has not been completed. In such case, you’ll receive a full refund. Please email online@optness.com.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are sure you’ll love our course. Although if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and the course has not been completed), please email online@optness.com to request a refund within 14 days of your course purchase.

The Green Belt certification process consists of

  • attending to online lectures (self-paced)
  • open-book take-home exam
  • and a short essay of a Six Sigma project

Lectures are 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online. The take-home exam will realistically take 1 – 2 hours to complete. The research project could take 10 – 15 hours to complete, including doing research on a case study and drawing up the slides (detailed instructions and questions to answer will be provided after the workshop).

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