The First (and the Only) Global Institute Specialized in Lean Six Sigma for Management, Leadership and Decision Making.

Optness certifies hundreds of MBAs every year from the Best Schools in the World

Our Goal

Complement the way MBAs learn Management and Decision Making – BY OUR TAILORED MADE COURSE FOR BUSINESS.

Optness Credentials

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Why accreditation is important?

Accreditation is granting recognition that your training maintains suitable standards. It is necessary to any candidate to prove that they meet a general standard of quality, they know the methodology and how to apply it.

How it works?

Our certification process ensures that you master the Lean Six Sigma principles applied to Management and Decision Making, are able to apply them and be an agent of problem-solving and goal-achievement in your organization.


  • Have an MBA/Master from a Partner School
  • Pre-Course Video Tutorials
  • Workshop Attendance
  • Mini Business Cases
  • Company Project Discussion
  • Full Business Case Simulation
  • Critical Essay
  • Final Exam 

Optness certification is different

  • The only global institute specialized in Lean Six Sigma for Management.
  • Developed by managers with real Six Sigma experience in their fields.
  • Focused on Management and Leadership, not in Maths.
  • Tailored for an MBA audience.
  • Granted only on Top Tier Schools.
  • International Certification.

Boost your career today

For those with a third party or company certification.

For those looking in a Lean Six Sigma for Management certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some organizations claim they are the official representants of Lean Six Sigma. The fact is that unlike the Project Management Institute (PMI) which is a registered trademark, there is no official governing body for Lean Six Sigma training or its curriculum.

Lean Six Sigma is a body of knowledge started by Motorola, improved by General Electric, and later adopted by 80%+ Fortune 500 companies. Organizations and training providers create their training programs and curriculum based on their own needs and guiding principles.

While we conform to all accreditation bodies’ Body of Knowledge, we focused on the application of Lean Six Sigma to Management, including Leadership and Decision Making, which most BOK lack.

Six Sigma started at Motorola and was further developed at General Electric. Then was applied at 80%+ Fortune 500 companies, even outside manufacturing. Most training providers have a curriculum based on the heritage of Six Sigma applied to manufacturing and quality control.

While we do respect the past of Six Sigma, we are interested in the future of the methodology and the great career opportunities that can bring in Management, Finance and HR departments to name a few.

Also, most certification organizations focus on quality and math. We’ve have never seen a project fail due to bad math, but we’ve have seen them fail due to poor people skills and poor leadership. That’s why we focus our program in leadership and change management skills so to avoid one can dumb down the quality of Lean Six Sigma project.