A Global Network of executives eager to leave a positive social legacy.

That’s Optness.

Management and leadership education for social benefit.

In 2008 the World saw one of the worst economic crisis of all times. Economies were falling apart and thousands of businesses were closing doors. At the time we were a group of executives worried with the huge social impact of the crisis.

We were touched by how a closing business could be devastating to families and societies. A bankruptcy destroys the finances (and dreams) of the entrepreneur, eliminates jobs and puts a huge burden into the social security system of countries. Seeing that we, as managers, were convinced that we could do something.

So in 2008, in the middle of the crisis, we started Optness in Milan-Italy, bringing together executives from Johnson&Johnson and other multinationals. Our mission was to teach proven Management and Leadership Methodologies in order to help SMEs and Non-Profits to achieve their goals, avoid bankruptcy, and ultimately save Jobs.

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Intensive, complete (but without the fuss)

In order to achieve Optness’ mission we proposed very practical crash courses, to be taught in one weekend, so that participants could quickly implement the techniques on Monday morning with a mentoring support throughout the week.

These courses woke up the interest of many people and in 2009 an American MBA Student asked Optness to teach one of its crash-courses about Six Sigma for Management & Decision-Making to his class. It was a big hit and, since then, we have been teaching this crash-course on Six Sigma for Management in the Best MBA Schools of the World.

Main praise given by MBAs was that courses are intense, to the point, and an the content essential for an MBA CV. Some of them even have told that the courses have directly influenced their hiring process, giving them a boost on their careers.

Our Method:

Learning + Application + Mentoring

Typical Results in Companies

Average EBITDA Impact

$250k to $1.2M

ROI from

150% to 450%

Payback time in months

4 to 15

Satisfaction rate in Europe

9.1 / 10

Partner Schools


Satisfaction rate Americas

9.4 / 10

Typical Results in Business Schools

Feedbacks & Testimonials from Optness Alumni

Optness’ approach summary

  • “Fishing-together” approach to consulting (Learning + Application + Mentoring)
  • Short time, fast paced courses
  • Content complete, fuss deprived
  • Cutting-edge methodologies brought directly from Fortune 500 companies


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Neither a Not-for-Profit nor a Consulting. It is named “institute” because its main mission is related to education and research. However, given the high quality of its services, it is common to be invited for consulting and advisory missions. Because of that Optness has also a new consulting arm to attend to these invitations, even if it is not its main mission.
  • Besides that Optness has also multiple pro-bono projects with high social & economic impact usually in healthcare and sustainability. That is why Optness defines itself as an institute and not a consulting firm.
  • It is a group of seasoned executives from multinationals such as Johnson&Johnson, Motorola, General Electric, who have significant hands-on experience in real corporate environment. This group of associates helps Optness to achieve its vision of a sustainable and better World through management and leadership education.
  • Meet our team
  • Our biggest commitment with the society is to transfer Leadership, Business & Management knowledge for people and organizations.
  • We believe that teaching (and implementing systematically) good Leadership, Business & Management methodologies is an important driver of economic & social development for communities where we operate.
  • There’s tremendous potential in education. Teaching for us means real knowledge transfer so that people can really apply and improve their realities. So for us teaching is always followed by application and mentoring of projects. When these proven techniques are standard around the World then Optness vision will be fulfilled and we will dedicate to something else.