Leadership & Team Mngt

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
Bill Gates

International Certification

Global certification to set you apart on Interviews and get new Jobs

Hands-on Approach

Practical tools that really work on real company settings and get quick results

Professors from Top-Companies

Practitioner lecturers from market reference companies

MBA Tailored-Made

Programs designed for MBAs,
Upper-Management and Leadership audiences


Module 01 

  • Leading yourself
  • Diagnosis of skills and leadership
  • The new market and the new leadership
  • Leadership styles

Module 02 

  • Impact of corporate culture in the exponential world
  • Transforming culture within the team
  • Assertive recruitment and selection process
Module 03 
  • Motivation 3.0: Purpose, autonomy and learning
  • Delegating without fear: Practical tools and processes
  • Levels of delegation

Module 04

  • How to manage different generations

Module 05

  • How to build trust in the team
  • Tools to enhance individual and team productivity
  • Returning autonomous and responsible teams

Module 06 

  • Feedback: how, when and why?
  • Assertive communication
  • Mental triggers for successful leadership
  • How to become an influential leader

Module 07

  • Routine, continuous improvement and innovation
  • From strategy to action
  • Definition and deployment of strategic goals

Module 08

  • Innovation Management Squads: Agile solution of problems with multidisciplinary teams
  • Sprint market trends: The Google method of innovating

Module 09 (optional)

  • Online Panel with Leaders: Chat with Founders.

Module 10 (optional)

  • Panel with CEOs and invited leaders
  • Mentoring with leaders and topics of their choice
  • Networking Closing


  • 4h, 8h, 16h or 32+h modules
  • Weekends, Work-Time, Evenings


  • Recorded Lessons
  • Live (Online or Classroom)


  • Have a more motivated team
  • Faster problem-solving
  •  More organized team management strategies
  • Be more productive

Learn how to:

  • Make assertive communications
  • Manage different types of teams
  • Make you and your team more productive
  • Delegate tasks without fear

Professors from inovative companies such as:

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