Practical experience and data insights to boost your business.

Companies partner with Optness to equip their employees with sharp analytical and behavioral skills.

Our method: training + application + coaching from the industry’s experts

Projects & Results


# Projects
312Sales & Marketing
196Innovation & Product Development
117HR: Organization & People
85Supply Chain
46Hospital & Clinical Excellence
36Lean Best Pratices
36Technology & IT
14General Management

Typical Results

$150k to $1.2M

Average EBITDA Impact

100% to 450%


5 to 15

Payback time in months

What we do

Company Development

  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Costs & Expenses
  • Increase Productivity
  • Train Efficient Teams
  • Growth Business Planning

People Development

  • Unbiased Decision Making
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Management & Leadership
  • Resilience & Energy Management
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

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About Optness Consulting

Optness Consulting is our corporate practice to serve the private sector. Leveraging our expertise on decision making and training, we can improve your Decision Making skills on sensitive topics such as M&A, C-Level Hiring and Innovation. We will work with your team to deliver practical, implementable results that help you and your organization succeed.

Why choose Optness?

For a decade we have been training MBAs in the World’s Elite Schools. We now offer implementation services on the Private Sector with the same deep decision making knowledge, advanced modeling skills, and fact-based advice.

Optness Unique Approach

Typical consulting delivers results in a give-and-forget fashion.

Optness “make together” training + coaching approach empowers companies to continue their improvement on their own.

we teach teams how to fish

We are trusted advisers who provide practical experience with a personalized touch.

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