Design Thinking

“Design is not just what it looks like.
Design is how it works”
– Steve Jobs

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Module 01  – Design Thinking Fundamentals 

If you are an entrepreneur or work for a company, you might have seen yourself in the need for innovating. In this module, we will talk about the essential principles of design thinking so that you master this methodology and have a complete road map of how to act when you need to innovate

Module 02  –Thinking in design

To develop new products and services that satisfy the consumer need and creating a desire in them takes empathy, which is one of the pillars of Design Thinking. Beyond that, it needs to act collaboratively so that a diversity of sources of ideas offer different perspectives for the same problem or solution. How to make it all work? Trough experimentation. Thinking like a designer takes three fundamental pillars that will guide the development of functional, economically viable solutions: empathy, collaboration, and experimentation

Module 03 – Methodology keypoint

What is worth building a bridge that takes nowhere? Or even driving a car in the wrong direction? In this class, you will learn to guide your efforts in the right direction to learn quickly and create a solution that delivers results

Module 04 – Focus on the client

Design Thinking is a methodology that aims to answer an essential question: What is the real need of the client or user? People, not technology, are the real innovation drivers.
That’s why one important part of the methodology wraps a deep understanding of the client or user

Module 05 – Let’s play a game

Gathered all the client needs, it’s time to start to idealize the solution. For that, you will learn tools and techniques to use creativity to come up with solutions that satisfy and overcome the client’s expectations

Module 06 – Idealization

Design Thinking is a framework to present solutions. One of the main steps of the process consists in the idealization of the possible solutions. The more ideas come up, the better. In this class, you will learn how to conduct an effective process of idealization inside the methodology

Module 07 – Building prototipes

It’s not just about presenting ideas, but mainly transform them into prototypes, test them and do adjustments or changes according to the client’s feedback. Design Thinking is an extremely hands-on methodology. Besides theorizing about the solution, with the methodology, you can test and obtain real feedbacks with the most diverse contexts, and with that build more economic and assertive solutions


Module 08 – The Lean approach

Discover how to apply the Lean framework to develop prototypes quickly without wasting time and resources


Módule 09 – Strategic Storytelling

Finishing the project is needed to present the results internally. Learn a new way to tell stories to engage leaderships and teams in new products and services


Módulo 10 – Putting the Pieces Together

Its time to review everything and understand how everything connects and learn to implement Design Thinking in different contexts



  • 4h, 8h, 16h or 32+h modules
  • Weekends, Work-Time, Evenings


  • Recorded Lessons
  • Live (Online or Classroom)


  • Design-led companies and consultancies: IDEO, Apple, Frog,  AirB&B, IBM and SAP
  • ROI of design focused companies: 2.19 times higher than S&P 500 (source: Design Management Institute)
  • Master the skills and tools of Design-Thinking

Learn how to:

  • Develop an innovative organizational culture
  • Sustain creative and design thinking capabilities
  • Apply the research ideation prototype test process
  • Develop innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Lead creative teams

Professors from inovative companies such as:

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