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MBAs and professionals

Are NGOs really effective?

Lots of NGOs don't function properly.

NGOs have noble purposes and are full of well-intentioned people. However, the lack of method make all their efforts vanish. Efforts that could be well spent raising more funds and making these funds to have a larger impact.

When NGOs do work

From our experience, NGOs are successful when:

  • have their teams committed to the cause, and
  • seek professionalization in their operation, allowing the money go to the cause they support.

What if you had MBAs to help your cause?

It is in our mission is to have a positive impact in the world.
Optness can help NGOs by our:

  • Consultants and professionals with solid training and large experience;
  • Volunteers committed as internal employees;

All of this is at no cost for the NGOs, as it is a special program subsidized by Optness.
Our “volunteers” are deeply committed to our cause of helping to improve the World by giving back to the community. They’ll apply our techniques, used in multinationals, but for the purpose of your NGO.

Have a project?

Have an interesting project and need professional advice? We are here to bring our best to make you have a larger impact.

Become a Social Black Belt

Get a valuable Certification and Learn advanced Unbiased Decision Making by helping NGOs to improve the world.

Resources for NGOs

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