(Join) Our Team

Advisory Board

Founder of Embraer. Minister of Infrastructure/Brazil. CEO positions at: Embraer, Petrobras.

CEO and VP positions at: Votorantim, Cimpor, Bungue.
VP positions at: Johnson & Johnson, Serono, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Surgery Associate Professor at University of Gothenburg.
International VP positions at: Unilever, Votorantim. MBA (University of Michigan).
CCO and VP positions at: Renault, Natuzzi, BMW.
Global Director positions at: Votorantim, CNS. GMP at Harvard.
Director and executive positions at: Brazil Foods, Votorantim, Ford.
Director and executive positions at: Electrolux, Optness and Johnson & Johnson. MBA Lecturer.

The Team

Orestes Peristeris

MBA, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Scott Lowe


Giovanni Magliari

MBA, Lean Six Sigma Champion

Rafael Machado

MBA, Lean Six Sigma Champion

Join Us

You’ve consolidated a successful career.
Now take the next step: Put it into good use for Social Benefit!


Advisory Board Members

Founders or senior executives entitled to set strategic guidelines for the institute and advice on special projects.

Part-Time Associates

Professionals working on other organizations that collaborate with Optness on their free time.

Full-Time Associates

Seasoned professionals, trained on Optness methodologies, collaborating full-time.

Global Volunteers

International and young group of volunteers helping Optness on its Social Pro-Bono Projects worldwide.

Ideal Profile

  • Consolidated experience
  • Fluent in English
    Entrepreneurial Attitude

Skills Needed

  • Commercial
  • Development
  • Consulting & Mentoring
  • Teaching & Training

Why to associate?

  • Learn Exclusive
  • Methodologies
  • High level network
  • Global Reach
  • Social Impact
  • Financial Return