To contact Optness please use the following information.

We operate from Monday to Friday
9:00am to 6:00pm (UTC -3)


+55 41 9867-8960

152 Coronel Pedro Scherer Sobrinho, Ap152/B5, Curitiba, PR, Brazil, Postal Code 80050-470


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Neither a Not-for-Profit nor a Consulting. It is named “institute” because its main mission is related to education and research. However, given the high quality of its services, it is common to be invited for consulting and advisory missions. Because of that Optness has also a new consulting arm to attend to these invitations, even if it is not its main mission.
  • Besides that Optness has also multiple pro-bono projects with high social & economic impact usually in healthcare and sustainability. That is why Optness defines itself as an institute and not a consulting firm.
  • It is a group of seasoned executives from multinationals such as Johnson&Johnson, Motorola, General Electric, who have significant hands-on experience in real corporate environment. This group of associates helps Optness to achieve its vision of a sustainable and better World through management and leadership education.
  • Meet our team
  • Our biggest commitment with the society is to transfer Leadership, Business & Management knowledge for people and organizations.
  • We believe that teaching (and implementing systematically) good Leadership, Business & Management methodologies is an important driver of economic & social development for communities where we operate.
  • There’s tremendous potential in education. Teaching for us means real knowledge transfer so that people can really apply and improve their realities. So for us teaching is always followed by application and mentoring of projects. When these proven techniques are standard around the World then Optness vision will be fulfilled and we will dedicate to something else.