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Why you should take our Black Belt?

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Project Orientation

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About our new approach:

 Black Belts are masters in management, optimization & leadership, using six sigma to lead teams to overcome hard challenges and achieve goals.

Based on Alumni feedback and many years helping MBAs to advance their careers and get high paying jobs, we are thrilled to announce our new Six Sigma Black Belt approach:

  •    Instead of focusing in teaching technical skills (like most of providers) we focus in project mentoring that will lead to CV Differentiation and Higher Annual Salaries. 

  •    At the end of the program you will have the choice to become one of our professors and lecture our programs in B-Schools worldwide leading to an Increase in your Influence and Reputation.

Payment options

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What you get from Optness Black Belt:

  1.  Huge differentiation: scarcity of MBAs with Solid Black Belt certification!
  2.  New career options: possibility to work in more industries & functions!
  3.  Increase your annual salary by ~ US$ 15,000.00: MBAs with Solid Black Belt are very scarce and valued!
  4. One year of free project orientation! At ANY project!

Triple Certification:​

  • Exam certification.
  • Lecturing certification.
  • Project certification (unlimited number).