No wild claims.

We help professionals to increase their salary by 15k via our Six Sigma Black Belt program.

About our new aproach


Instead of focusing in teaching technical skills (like most of providers) we focus in project mentoring that will lead to CV Differentiation and Higher Annual Salaries, letting you certify your own Black belt projects while you do the preogram.


At the end of the program you will have the choice to become one of our professors and lecture our programs in B-Schools worldwide leading to an Increase in your Influence and Reputation.


At the end of the program, you will receive three certificates

  • Exam certification
  • Lecturing certification
  • Project certification
    (1 year of mentoring w/ unlimited project orientation)

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What you get from Optness Black Belt:

Huge CV differentiation

Due scarcity of professionals with Solid Black Belt certification, our program is ideal to the ones who want to have a genuine Black Belt experience, certified not only in theorical, but also in practical knowledge

New Career Options

Because of  teh black belt and all the coaching sessions along the way you will be able to open the Possibility to work in more industries & functions way more confortably 

Salary raise

With our black belt, you will have all the tools to get a 15K raise in your annual salary!

Feedbacks & Testimonials from Optness Alumni

These are our differentials:

Fast-paced, Immersive & Practical

1 Year Project Orientation

Library w/ 2k projects

Try our Black belt approach, If you don't like it, we get you a refund!

At the end of the day, our Black Belt approach is what’s going to differentiate your CV, Skyrocket your career, save time, and increase your annual salary by 15K (without ever having to pay anything to a regular Black belt provider only for a fancy certificate).