How To Make The Most of Your Six Sigma Certification

Harness Your Six Sigma Certification

Update your LinkedIn and Resumé

  • Include the certification in the Education section
  • Adding Six Sigma in the Summary and Highlight sections
  • Showcase your Six Sigma Skill
  • Update Your Resumé

Gaining the first Six Sigma Professional Experience

  • Find your first Six Sigma project
  • Volunteer in a local ONG or Community Service Organization

Lean Six Sigma inside Companies

  • Lean Six Sigma MBA Jobs
  • Lean Six Sigma Titles
  • Industries that apply Lean Six Sigma
  • Startups using Lean Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Company Departments
  • Six Sigma Initiatives Inside Companies
  • Job Market Trends

Recruitment and Networking with Lean Six Sigma

  • Connect with your Classmates and Alumni
  • How to Present your Six Sigma Certification To Interviewers
  • Differentiate Yourself During Interviews
  • Reframe your past Experiences using Six Sigma

Further Your Six Sigma Knowledge

  • Minitab Workspace
  • Minitab Statistics
  • Salford Predictive Modeler
  • Ways to train the Minitab Programs Skill
  • FlexSim 3D Simulation
  • Learning SQL
  • Six Sigma books for Green Belts

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