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Exclusive offer for UF mbas

Our approach:

  • Optness Six Sigma is an MBA-focused immersive boot camp on Lean & Six Sigma for management.

  • Proven methodology to achieve goals, lead transformation, and reduce costs by eliminating waste, validating assumptions through data, implementing process optimization, and monitoring KPIs.

  • Green Belt is one of the most valuable professional certifications!

  • Unique offer to acquire your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with up to 90% off with professors that work at Amazon, DHL, Google, and J&J.

Our Green Belt is a excellent fit for you! Here's why👇

Our bootcamps are:

  • Hands-on approach
  • Taylor made lecture for MBAs
  • Fast-paced methodology (Weekend bootcamps)

After the program, you will:

  • Develop an Analytical Approach
  • Deliver Data-Driven Solutions
  • With Clear & Simple Communication

Optness stands out for It's:

  • MBA Special Fee USD 550 – up to 90% OFF (exclusively for Optness Partners!)
  • Typical Market Price Range: USD 3,000 to USD 5,000
  • Learn with the best professors from Amazon, J&J, DHL, Google, AB InBev, and more!

Our Certification process:

  • After the Workshop, participants must complete an “open-book, take-home exam” with a Project Analysis to validate their certification. The post-workshop dedication is around 4h-8h, and the certification rate among MBAs is close to 100%.

  • After submitting the documents, participants will receive their digital certificate with a personal/unique certification code (with no expiration date).

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