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How To Have a Faster Career Advancement Even If You Are New to the Industry or Position

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How Much Time Do You Want to Spend Until You Get Another Promotion?

After all the time at School and energy invested in recruiting, the excitement of starting a new job is undeniable.

But with that level of excitement often comes a lot of anxiety.

  • Will I be able to perform as expected in my new position?
  • I don’t know anything about this industry, and while it interests me, it scares me because I’m not an expert. How can I even imagine to get a leadership role?

Or even

  • How can I, after 2 years here, improve my chances of getting a promotion?

Navigating a new gig can be tricky. Getting the attention of High Management after couple of years in the company is difficult. And you have limited chances to make an accomplishment worth a salary upgrade.

In fact, according to most executives and regardless of your particular situation, impressing your managers and colleagues within the first 90 days is not only essential to your success in your current new role but also for your overall career.

The chance you have to prove your value are usually taking a company’s project and implement it to success.

What If You Knew The Exact Steps Of What To Do To Tackle That Big Project?

What If You Could Decide Exactly When To Get A Raise?

To successfully orient your career you need to
  1. Select a profitable project that will shine in the eyes of upper management
  2. Set goals and work toward them
  3. Negotiate your salary and next role/position/project

Lean Six Sigma stands among management methodologies as the most powerful to achieve goals and solve problems.

Why? Because LSS is a streamlined and step-by-step with clear start and finish and intermediate steps that guides you to find and solve root problems and attain goals systematically.

How? The steps transform any kind of goal in any industry into an algorithmic problem.

75% of Fortune 500 companies use it or are implementing it. Why?

  • Financial Returns: $7,5bi in 5 years for GE
  • High ROI: 400% for GE in 5 years
  • Improves Customer Loyalty
  • Improves Employees Motivation
  • Applicable in all sectors: Any Industry, Any Department

But let’s be honest, in the real world people don’t communicate using statistics and math.

MBA leaders have to consider many other aspects of corporate relationships if they don’t want to become a mere cog in the system. Internal politics, team management, cooperation with other departments and your manager’s agenda can pave or obstruct your road to your next position.

That’s why Optness’ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program for MBAs includes elements of management and leadership to make you stand out and have more promotions, more often.

In essence, with Optness’ program, you’ll be able to select a project with high visibility, align colleagues and management, deliver and showcase efficiently results with the aim of being recognized and access to leadership positions.

This program provides you with

  • Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt, the most powerful methodology to attain goals and solve problems
  • Unbiased Decision Making that prevents you from making errors that can cost your career
  • Team Management and Positive Influencing skills  paired with Data-Driven and Analytical tools

OK, but what is Lean Six Sigma?

If you're ready to learn a framework that enhances your probabilities of career success, we invite you to enroll now.


Boot-Camp exclusive for MBAs

  • 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online
  • 1 year of access
  • Management focused
  • Methodology to attain goals and solve problems
  • Use of real case studies
  • Green Belt certification included

Program Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Define
  3. Measure | Factors Identification
  4. Measure | Factors Prioritization
  5. Basic Statistics & Graphs Review
  6. Recap of the Part
  7. Measure | Capability
  8. Analyze | Descriptive Analysis
  9. Analyze | Inference Analysis
  10. Improve | FMEA
  11. Improve | Management Tools
  12. Control
  13. Next Steps

Why our course is for you

Tailored for MBAs

Integrated techniques of Leadership, Management, and Lean and Six Sigma.


All Six Sigma courses included unnecessary basic content just to make it 40h long. We cut the fluff so you don't waste time in already known subjects.

Highly Subisdized

Our focus is to help MBAs reach their goals. We work to offer our best resources at a highly subsidized fee.

This is the exact same training we were offering for more than 10 years at Top MBA Schools with high success rates

  • Proven International Quality (experience in 20+ countries)
  • Unique Management Approach of Lean Six Sigma
  • Partnership with Top MBA Schools

Results and feedback

Overall Satisfaction
1 %
Differentiation in CV / Work Market
1 %
Usefulness in Professional Life
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What a faster career progression means to you?

How can Lean Six Sigma help in your Career

  • More Job Opportunities.
    You’ll gain visibility with a clear CV differentiator.
  • Faster Career Advancement.
    You will quickly deliver tangible results and attain goals
  • More Promotions, More Often.
    Due to robust problem solving skills
  • Foundation to your Leadership skills.

Having a faster career progression means that you can

  • Pay your student debt faster.
  • Reach C-level positions before retirement kicks in.
  • Get into a new industry knowing what first steps to take.
  • Have higher chances of getting a job in the company you want .

Feedbacks & Testimonials from Optness Alumni

This engaging course draws on 10 years of success helping MBAs and Alumnis getting more and better positions.

  • Prerequisite: MBA, MBA Alumni, or Master degree
  • $997 (includes Training & Certification Process)
  • 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online, 1 year of access
  • Accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones

Green Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam
  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Membership to our private Alumni Network Group on LinkedIn

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction

Pre-enrollments open!

Receive the first 4 lessons for free in your inbox, and receive details to enroll in the full course.

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The Green Belt certification process consists of

  • attending to online lectures (self-paced)
  • open-book take-home exam
  • and a short essay of a Six Sigma project

Lectures are 16 hours video, self-paced, completely online. The take-home exam will realistically take 1 – 2 hours to complete. The research project could take 10 – 15 hours to complete, including doing research on a case study and drawing up the slides (detailed instructions and questions to answer will be provided after the workshop).

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