Advice for MBA Club Leaders by Zachary Savarie, HEC Paris Industry Club Vice-President 2018

Zachary Savarie was HEC Paris Industry Club Vice-President 2018 and is a HEC Paris/Yale SOM MBA graduate.

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Plan early and conjunction with other clubs

We found that the events we planned early in the year had the best success as life, course work, job searches and other conflicting events had a greater impact on us as the year progressed. We also found that many clubs tried to schedule events in the same time window, causing some events to overlap. There is bound to be some overlapping events in a MBA program and time is a critical resource for all. That being said, the clubs with the most overlap of members and interest can work closely to ensure that all schedules are closely synchronized.

Identify an overarching goal or focus

The club should have a set of goals or mission statement to help ensure that it is focused and is able to achieve the most the time available. There will always be more that the club would like to do in a year than is possible to achieve with time and resource constraints. As a result, there must be must be some prioritization. The best run clubs do this in a way that reflects a coherent plan of what it wants to achieve whether that is focusing on the breadth of the industry or dives deep into specific areas, or whether is involves scheduling more numerous small scale events or fewer larger ones.



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