From Leader to Leader. Advice for new MBA Club Presidents

You were elected President of an MBA Club? Congrats! Being a club leader is a fantastic experience and opens you to much more opportunities and exposure.

You can leverage past leaders experience to augment yours.

As Orestes, HEC’17 says:

A great starting point is to reach out to previous club presidents for their advice and what they learned during their time leading the club.

See what previous MBA club presidents have to say about your role.

Orestes Peristeris, HEC Paris Industry Club President 2016

Orestes Peristeris was HEC Paris Industry Club President 2016 and is an HEC Paris/Yale SOM MBA graduate. Currently he is an Optness Associate and Six Sigma professor.

A great starting point is to reach out to previous club presidents for their advice and what they learned during their time leading the club.

A major predictor of success for any leadership group is the team dynamic and diversity of skills and experience that people bring to the table.

It is very important to establish ownership, so that each person has the opportunity to be creative, take actions and decisions, and elicit the support of others on the team.

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Zachary Savarie, HEC Paris Industry Club Vice-President 2018

[…] We also found that many clubs tried to schedule events in the same time window, causing some events to overlap. There is bound to be some overlapping events in a MBA program and time is a critical resource for all.

There will always be more that the club would like to do in a year than is possible to achieve with time and resource constraints. As a result, there must be must be some prioritization.

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Advice and experiences from around the web

Leading a student organization

Serving in an elected leadership role is a great learning opportunity. Successfully leading an organization requires the same skills—ability to inspire others, communication, fundraising, strategic planning, budgeting, and customer service—required to lead in the business world. Like studying abroad or participating in a case competition, the experience of leading a student organization not only enhances your skills but also provides anecdotes and experiences you can reference in job interviews to answer questions about leadership, teamwork, ability to drive results, and time management.

Brian Precious, Going Beyond Grades In Business School – Poets and Quants


Running for HEC Paris MBA council president offers insight into a political campaign

At the beginning of our MBA, I learned that whenever the Council and Clubs have more than one team running for the leadership positions, there is a full election process that culminates in a presentation in front of all MBA students, followed by a vote.

This election process was the most daunting part of my entire experience as the MBA Council President. Not only do you have to sell yourself to your cohort, you also feel an enormous responsibility toward your team, wanting to ensure that you pull them to the winner’s circle.

Daniel O’Connor, A View from the Top – HEC Paris blog