Further Your Six Sigma Knowledge

Minitab Workspace

Minitab Workspace is a collaborative workspace that has an enormous amount of useful tools and templates. Is a collection of Six Sigma tools interconnected that communicate with each other, where the data entry in one it will transcend to the next tool. For instance, while doing a project here, you do everything in a one-stop-shop. From Project Charter, financial data, team members, roles and tasks, process map, fishbone analysis, data analysis tools and calculations, value stream map, even Monte Carlo Simulations.

Minitab Statistics

Minitab just from a statistical perspective it is the main tool for Six Sigma projects. And this complements and communicates with the Minitab Workspace. All of your analysis in one place and communicate it to the other tool. 

Salford Predictive Modeler

Salford Predictive Modeler is one of the best machine learning tools or categorical regression tools. The idea behind this is that you can ingest large quantities of data, do advanced regression trees without needing to write in code for Python or R Studio. This tool is a graphical user interface that allows us to ingest, test data, and prune data sets.

Ways to train the Minitab Programs Skill

There is plenty of training exercises on the Minitab site for these types of tools. You can look at the training options and the videos that are free. If you want to deepen your knowledge of statistics and online training, we recommend the quality training.

If you are interested and want to develop your skill you can sign up as an academic and get the 95% discount for the annual license.

FlexSim 3D Simulator

FlexSim is a three-dimensional modeling tool that integrates statistics and physical distributions and you can see how processes are formed with everything on a real scale. This is a tool that you can use to simulate, gather data, analyze, and visualize any process.

Learning SQL and Python

If you want to learn there’s a lot of free training on SQL and Python.

  • CodecademyIt is a free SQL training. All you need is to do is choose a path to train and download and install the tools. They have a database and exercises to train coding.
  • Khan Academy – Very similar to Codecademy.
  • Lynda.comIt is a more observing method, with fewer exercises. If you want to experience more on the SQL side of training it is the best choice.

Six Sigma books for Green Belts

 These are three books fundamental for deepen Lean Six Sigma Knowledge:

  • Six Sigma for everyone by George Ekes.
    • This is a simple book. It is about 90 pages, very laser-focused on what Six Sigma is all about. Really a door jack to a consultant. The way that it is written is communicating Six Sigma in layman’s terms.
  • Lean Six Sigma Minitab, the OPEX edition by Quentin Brook.
    • The essential Six Sigma handbook for all the technical tools. They are cataloged in this book and you can go step-by-step. It will complement any project that you are doing.
  • Classification and Regression Trees (Wadsworth Statistics/Probability) by Leo Breiman, Jerome Friedman, Charles J. Stone, R.A. Olshen.  
    • A milestone if you are into machine learning, nested course regressions, and you want to learn a little bit more about big data ingestion. The CART algorithm you can find in SPM of Minitab, which is the only software using this predictive modeling tool.